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This section of the domain looks at science in general. As part of our goal of expanding the general public understanding of science we have branched this section into five main subject areas - each dealing with a particular aspect of its scientific field. The main sciences we are studying here are Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology.

Each of these main science subject areas are reasonably broad in context and will cover wide variety of topics. For example within Geology, we will also include what has been learned from fossils and how our understanding of the science of geology on Earth has led to insights about how the planets in our solar system formed and how the geological history of our planet helps with our understanding of the evolution of life on Earth.

As you can see, despite our artificial grouping of the sciences into discrete subject areas, there is a lot of overlap between topics. This is largely due to the nature of sciences and how, as our understanding grows, we see the inter-relatedness between all things. In the past, there was a much greater distinction between the various branches of the sciences - however we now understand more about how one science affects another. Advances in physics have helped with understanding chemistry. The latest discoveries in chemistry propel research in biology and geology and so on.

To achieve our overall goal of raising public awareness of science, we need your help. We are always looking for contributions from members of the public - you don't need to be a PhD level scientist! Everyone can share some of their understanding and through this, everyone learns some more than they knew before. If you feel you can add an article, paragraph or even a sentence to help others then please contact us and let us know.

We are particularly interested in any "bad science" you may have found on the internet or in the mainstream media. In the near future will be created a sub-section of the science site to highlight how people can be tricked into believing all manner of crack pottery simply because it is presented in a scientific manner. If you are interested in Bad Science as a separate subject area then Ben Goldacre has an excellent site dedicated to this at